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4 E. Liberty Street
Savannah, Georgia


Custom handbags and leather accessories handmade in Savannah, Georgia. 


The Shop

Satchel. is a hybrid of studio and store. Opened in 2006, we originally carried a variety of other small, high end lines of leather goods. However with the economic downturn of 2008, it became clear that our clients were still willing to pay good money for a luxury bag, they just didn’t want it to be one that had a large logo all over it that they could get everywhere else. So then we turned our attention to the custom aspect of the business.


We are now proud to say that everything in the shop is made in-house by three of us!  Along with being able to purchase the bags and accessories you see in the shop, you can also design your own. Want a longer strap, larger pocket, or different color? You can choose your own leathers, linings, and hardware to customize an already existing design, or to completely start from scratch. Design a brand new bag and it will likely be named after you.  And if you’re enough of a regular, we'll even serve you a very heady cappuccino - or a beer, around beer o'clock - while you hang out in the cozy, casual design atmosphere and watch us make stuff. 


In the Summer of 2014, we moved locations. A commercial developer came to town and bought the space we leased on Broughton Street for over 7 years. We loved our first location and were sad to leave it, but the move turned out to be a blessing in disguise. We bounced a couple of squares over to the corner of Liberty and Bull Street. With Bull Street being the center North-South street in town, we didn't complain! We took an old video/comic book store and gutted it. Home Run Video was an institution in Savannah for 28 years. While their clients were sad to see them go, we were thrilled to nail down that location. The space   needed more than just a fresh coat of paint though. We tore up carpet, tore down a rotten drop ceiling, found a few treasures in the remnants they left behind, and turned a dingy, outdated media dive into a fresh, whitewashed design studio. We now have more space to shop,  more space to create and manufacture, and more window space to show it all off! The City of Savannah even awarded us the Golden Broom award for cleaning up the building and planting flowers in the tree lawn. Don't misunderstand us though: the fact that the previous business was successful here for so long means a lot to us. Spaces have karma, and we hope to be here for the next 28 years or more too. We invite you to come help make that happen.